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We're an agency that helps you find and manage cost-efficient, english-speaking talent without charging you draining BPO fees.

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Optimized Speed.

We prioritize quickness without compromising quality to get you the resources you need within days.

Optimized pricing.

A lean model with no hidden costs and a simple pricing structure that you just can't beat.

Risk free.

We manage the hires by taking care of payroll, statutory compliance and employee welfare.

How does flexeteam work?

We understand.

We understand your specific requirements and build a plan catered to your needs.

We discover.

We find and acquire the appropriate team, infrastructure and tools.

We manage.

We ensure operations for your new team runs smoothly and without issues.

No cost transfer

Whenever you're ready, we help you create an official entity in India and transfer all the assets - without additional cost.

  • Indian entity setup assistance
  • Contract and asset transfer
  • Absolutely no hidden costs

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